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We provide top-of-the-line observation and testing spaces for all of your research needs.

Purpose Built Lab Spaces

Our facility was designed with one purpose in mind — usability testing and user research.

User research is paramount in bringing effective, safe, user friendly, and saleable products to market. Whether your company is testing the usability of a device or application in the development stages, or determining the emotional and psychological response to the marketing or design of those products.

At User Research Center, we understand the the importance and the methods of user experience and usability testing, which is why we've created testing spaces that ensure you get the most out of a study. With top of the line audio/video equipment and technology, purpose designed observation labs, and the necessary amenities to enable an efficient and informative process.

Why Our Facility?

Safe and secure, conveniently located, and dedicated to providing the best services and accomodations necessary to your study.

Facility Details

Ready for any of your research needs.

Usability Testing
Focus Groups
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