Services & Amenities

Whether you need participants and catering, or fully managed research, we offer services and solutions to meet your needs.

All of our lab rentals include basic services to support your research, including but not limited to: concierge, secure and separate wired and wireless highspeed internet access, light snacks and refreshments, print/copy/fax use, facility tour, and equipment training & overview.

Labspace Rental

We provide top-of-the-line observation and testing spaces for all of your research needs.

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Professional & personable front desk staff to greet your test participants, manage sign-in, any liability or disclosure forms, and process participant compensation.


Light refreshments including coffee, tea, soft drinks, and bottle water. Pastries, fruit, and other light snacks.

Network and Peripherals

Each lab & observation space includes separate and secure wired and wireless high-speed fiber internet access, capture and control stations, and large screen monitoring. You will also have access to print/copy/fax if needed.

Additional Services

In addition to the the above-listed services and accoutrements, we also offer and/or facilitate the following services and features.


With access to a wide database of participants from all wals of life and profesions, we can offer participant recruiting services for any usability or research study.

A/V Technician

While we provide training with all of our rentals, we can also provide a skilled technician to ensure that you get the best audio and video for your study.

Staging & Set-up

We've partnered with local staging and equipment providers, if you need to simulate a specific environment for your study, we can facilitate furniture and equipment rentals to fit your needs.

Want to learn more about our services and facility features?

If you want to know more about our facility, what we offer, or are interested in a bid for your next project, please call us or send us a message.

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